Transport service tailored to your needs

For years, Théorêt Transport Inc. has been shipping a wide range of merchandise for numerous clients. Thanks to our vast fleet of trucks of all sizes, we can offer you flexible service that’s adapted to your needs. Whether you’re an individual or a company, we can transport your merchandise efficiently with meticulous attention to detail. Our network of reliable professional owner-operator drivers meet and exceed the expectations of our clients in Montreal and throughout Quebec, Ontario and the Canadian West. We also specialize in same-day local deliveries and LTL shipping.

At Théorêt Transport Inc., we offer numerous transport services to meet the needs of clients of all different types. We provide service that’s prompt, efficient and professional, whether for general transport, URGENT pickups and deliveries or the transport of pharmaceuticals, hazardous materials, packages, pallets, full loads or partial loads (LTL or “less-than-truckload” shipping).

Thanks to our trucks of all different types, including straight trucks with hydraulic tailgates, we can offer your additional services, including the sale of used pallets.

Urgent delivery service

Grâce à notre vaste flotte de camions de toutes dimensions et à nos services flexibles, nous vous offrons des livraisons le même jour localement.


General transport

For the transport of all types of merchandise, we offer you reliable, high-quality service.

Pallet transport

All of our trucks are equipped with tailgate lifts, enabling us to transport a variety of merchandise on pallets.

Full-load transport

Our truck drivers sometimes head out with a full load bound for a single client.

Pharmaceutical transport

For the transport of pharmaceutical merchandise, we offer you service that’s tailored to your needs.

Transport of hazardous materials

All of our drivers are licensed to transport hazardous materials.

Do you need to have merchandise transported?

You can count on Théorêt Transport Inc. for transport services of every kind.

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